Diving in Pulauweh

Pulauweh is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations,
with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb
dive sites hidden within.

Dive Resort in Pulauweh

Diving in Pulau Weh
Pulau Weh Resort

The Pulau Weh Resort (Weh Island Resort) was built on a beautiful one hectare seaside coconut plantation. It faces the Adaman sea towards the north. Half of the land is still preserved in its original plantation state giving a very peaceful and green ambient.

The resort is facing the most stunning local dive site of Batee Tokong and Shark Plateau. Coral grow right off our beach and snorkelling is just right at the door step.It has 13 individual chalets, 6 fronting the beach and 7 fronting the lotus pond and rock garden. The chalets are design with “nature and outdoor” theme.

It is fully glassed with a private garden for maximum natural ventilation and outdoor feel. It has an well insulated local “attap” roof giving cool indoor without air-conditioning. A patio that faces the sea/pond for afternoon nap.

Marine Life Highlights in Pulauweh

pulau-weh-whale-shark|Diving in Pulau Weh
Whale Shark
pulau-weh-Blue-potted-rays|Diving in Pulau Weh
Blue Potted Ray
pulau-weh-eagle-ray|Diving in Pulau Weh
Eagle Ray

Diving in Pulauweh

Wanting a lovely and peaceful place where you can dive together with the sea creatures and other specie living underwater? Pulau Weh Island is one you are needed for. Pulau Weh is located from north western part in Indonesia. The entire Pulau Weh island were surrounded with a beautiful and admirable white beaches with an extra-ordinary and splendid marine creatures growing and living under the deep water in the entire island. Pulau Weh is the area where Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean.

Pulau Weh Island known in South East Asia’s treasure since various marine life living underwater, shimmering corals and the marvelous beaches in the entire Island. Is it one of the great destinations regarding in diving activities which is more challenging because of the deep of the water and current of it as well as the unforgettable experiences. While at the middle of your diving, you can notice any volcanic walls, canyon arc and a fantastic and various colors of reefs and the different variety of sea creatures from a big into a tiny different fishes. There are different wonderful places that probably made you much enjoyable aside from diving.

If you don’t want going out into diving you can feel relax and having sightseeing in the peaceful Island while on the beach. You can also tour around the island and explore different places inside the jungle if you are nature lovers and want some adventure. On your way at the jungle you can notice the Orangutan, Gibbons, Macaques and many more primates. The entire Island was being conserved by the government to protect the plentiful and abundant marine life and sea creatures as well as the forest to be protected.

1. Lionfish, leaffish and blue potted rays.
2. Pulau Rubia with an excellent coral greens and sea creatures living in such as block spotted and honey comb morays.
3. Arus Balee in which sharks and barracuda were being seen.
4. Batee tokong wherein fimbriated and yellow margined species, shark plateau with black and white tip reef sharks.
5. Pantee Aneuk Seuke which means canyons in which mantas, barracuda and napoleon wrasse, trevally and chevron barracuda were also living here.

Best Diving Season: April to November
Weather: December to March (Rainy Season) & April to November (Dry Season)
Water Temperature: 28-29°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Morays, Lionfish, Tuna, Barracuda, Sharks, Crocodile fishes,  Manta and Eagle rays
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 20-30m

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